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Next-Gen Digital Solutions For The Enterprises Of Tomorrow


Meet the demands of modern customers in speed and security with scalable financial technology.


Patient-friendly mobile software that empowers healthcare industry workers.


Engaging apps that facilitate learning, adhere to curriculum, and fun for children & Adults

Logistics & Delivery

Drive your potential customers into a comfort zone where ordering products/food becomes a cakewalk with complete digital synced solutions.

Travel & Hospitality

Extend the comfort of your resort with practical mobile software solutions.

Manufacturing & Productivity

Using enterprise mobility solutions, businesses have tremendous opportunities to modernize their operations to defeat challenges, boost productivity, enrich customer services and earn more revenue.

Retail & E-Commerce

Engaging mobile software solutions for modern retail and eCommerce solutions.

Social Networking & Dating

Social media app helps you to expand your business network, enhance brand loyalty and credibility, boost conversion rate and revenue as well as improve customer service and satisfaction.

Real Estate

When it comes to give convenient services to your customers to sell, buy or rent properties, with Real Estate App Development Solutions, you can accomplish all purposes to amplify your business in a contemporary way.

Food Delivery

Drive your potential customers into a comfort zone where ordering online food becomes a cakewalk with complete digital synced solutions in food delivery.


All fitness freaks want a great instructor who can guide them better and track their daily activities. let's make fitness enthusiast's experience more energetic by taking your business online.


We all know how much entertainment important in our life or in the weekend to burn out our stress, let's give your user the best experience to take their stress out and give them a fresh mind to continue their daily routine again.

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Our Process

Designing thinking

Designing thinking is a process that aims to radically change how you solve a problem by diversifying the design team and fully understanding a specific user.

Empathize with your users
Define the users’ needs, the problem, and your insights
Ideate by challenging assumptions
Prototype with basic solutions
Test those solutions

Lean startup

Lean startup approaches product improvement and overall production improvement by creating minimal viable products and letting the customer determine value.

Lean startup elevates the goals of waste elimination, efficient production to quickly validate business ideas and incorporate continuous improvement. Essentially, you identify the big picture associated with each progress phase and using the continuous feedback loop to better engage end users.

Agile Methodology

Agile is both a methodology for making and scaling your solution with speedy, incremental releases.

Works gets completed in short iterations, known as sprints.
Teams are often self-organized, cross-functional, and based on equality.
Teams are highly communicative, often with daily meetings sometimes known as scrums.
Frequent releases of new features or functions.

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There are mainly three types of mobile apps if we categorize them by the technology used to code them: native apps, hybrid apps and web-based mobile apps like progressive web app (PWA).

We use Objective-C and Swift for iOS app development and Java and Kotlin for Android app development. For cross-platform app development, we use Flutter, React Native and Ionic.

Here are some of the key benefits of outsourcing your mobile app development in the country like India:

  • Low development and operational cost
  • Flexible to work according to your time-zone
  • Access to experienced developers
  • Reduced development times
  • Assured quality services
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Better understanding of different platforms
The cost of mobile app development depends on many factors such as the development platform, app categories, app complexity, country of developer and number of features you need in your app. Contact us with your requirement to get the app development cost.

Figuring out how long does it take to develop a mobile app will depend on various factors like development platform, complexity of the design, experience level of developer, features and functionality, testing and many more. Contact us with your requirement to know the estimated time.

What Customers Says About Our Services

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"PixelTech is an experienced, dedicated and vision focused creative who are helping develop our global funding platform (FunDonor). They were referred by a trusted friend and motivational influencer and since we started setting out a project roadmap, They have shown extreme insight, demonstrating an instant grasp of the concept and vision for project implementation. They have a perception level I haven't seen before, offering ingenious solutions to problems and demonstrating a clear experience for problem solving. This is exactly what we need and I am delighted to recommend them to anyone exploring a similar vision focused initiative."

Chima Ezeilo

Director at Kambani Arts

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"PixelTech and their team are excellent. They understood exactly what we needed and produced a quality solution that encompassed all of our requirements. I highly recommend them."

Sam Karpel

Co-Founder of AppealMate, Inc. | Appellate Processing | Litigation Attorney

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"I have been working with PixelTech for some time on a number of different projects and they bring a level of experience and expertise to the table that I have not seen before. We initially started working with them as we wanted to create a world-class app. Not only did they listen intently to the brief, but I can quite easily say that PixelTech and their team overdelivered in terms of their commitment to produce something impactful. I have already referred them to a number of people in my network and I’ve started working on a few more of our projects with them. I would highly recommend them and everything they does."

Pete Cohen

TV Personality | Performance Coach to Athletes & Sporting Professionals and Executive Coach to UK’s top business brands | Expert in Human Behaviour & Performance | Keynote & Motivational Speaker