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Our Solutions

Pixel Real Estate CRM/ERP

A complete CRM/ERP mobile app for your real estate business. Add inquiries to the app, search your property database, share results in a beautifully designed power point or send whatsapp message.

Pixel ERP

our pixel ERP is:
Flexible and easy to customise
Short time to implement

AI Pixel Document Extraction

our document processing solution can classify and process each page of a multi-page document.

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By: aman

By: aman

Pete Cohen

(TV Personality | Performance Coach to Athletes & Sporting Professionals and Executive Coach to UK’s top business brands | Expert in Human Behaviour & Performance | Keynote & Motivational Speaker)

"I have been working with PixelTech for some time on a number of different projects and they bring a level of experience and expertise to the table that I have not seen before. We initially started working with them as we wanted to create a world-class app. Not only did they listen intently to the brief, but I can quite easily say that PixelTech and their team overdelivered in terms of their commitment to produce something impactful. I have already referred them to a number of people in my network and I’ve started working on a few more of our projects with them. I would highly recommend them and everything they does."

Chima Ezeilo

(Director at Kambani Arts)

"PixelTech is an experienced, dedicated and vision focused creative who are helping develop our global funding platform (FunDonor). They were referred by a trusted friend and motivational influencer and since we started setting out a project roadmap, They have shown extreme insight, demonstrating an instant grasp of the concept and vision for project implementation. They have a perception level I haven't seen before, offering ingenious solutions to problems and demonstrating a clear experience for problem solving. This is exactly what we need and I am delighted to recommend them to anyone exploring a similar vision focused initiative."

Sam Karpel

(Co-Founder of AppealMate, Inc. | Appellate Processing | Litigation Attorney)

"PixelTech and their team are excellent. They understood exactly what we needed and produced a quality solution that encompassed all of our requirements. I highly recommend them."

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