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Personality Development Mobile App For Android And IOS With Gamification

Client name

Pete Cohen

Technologies used:

PHP, Flutter, Laravel


Mobile App Development | Health/Personality Development

Mi365 - Mobile App For Android And IOS With Gamification

Mi365, spearheaded by Pete Cohen, is a revolutionary coaching community that equips you with the tools to cultivate successful habits. The app features a daily intentions tracker to inspire continuous improvement. With the Mi365 Start One Stop One feature, you can:
Establish daily intentions – Start One and Stop One
Accumulate Mi365 coins and monitor your progress, rewarding your achievements.
Unlock extra Start and Stop intentions after maintaining them for 30 days, encouraging consistency.
Keep track of your progress – Daily check-in on your Start One and Stop One performance
Appear on the leaderboard to share your accomplishments with the Mi365 Start One Stop One community.

The Mi365 Start One Stop One app is crafted to complement the Mi365 online content, where you can benefit from Pete Cohen’s proven coaching system, inclusive of video masterclasses, worksheets, meditations, and various tools and techniques to effect enduring change in your life.

Pete Cohen, a TV presenter, sports psychologist, speaker, and coach, has dedicated over 30 years to empowering individuals to reach their full potential. He is the author of 20 best-selling books on diverse topics such as habit breaking, fear overcoming, weight loss, and personal development, and has guided Olympic and World champions to achieve peak performance. Since founding Mi365 in 2016, Pete has been coaching individuals to transform their lives and excel in all aspects of life.

Sure, here are the features of the Mi365 app along with a few bullet points for each:
1. Daily Intentions Tracker
Allows you to set daily intentions, known as Start One and Stop One.
Motivates you to improve every day.
Helps you stay focused on your goals.

2. Mi365 Coins
Earn coins as you progress through your journey.
Coins serve as a reward system, incentivizing success.
Allows you to track your progress and achievements.

3. Additional Intentions
Unlock more Start and Stop intentions after maintaining them for 30 days.
Encourages consistency and long-term commitment.

4. Progress Tracking
Daily check-in feature to monitor your Start One and Stop One performance.
Helps you stay accountable and aware of your progress.

5. Community Leaderboard
Share your success with the rest of the Mi365 Start One Stop One community.
Encourages a sense of community and friendly competition.

6. Online Content
Access to Pete Cohen’s proven coaching system.
Includes video masterclasses, worksheets, meditations, tools, and techniques.
Supports lasting change in your life.Remember, the goal of Mi365 is to help you install the habits of success and be the best version of yourself.

Technologies used:

PHP, Laravel, flutter
Hosting infrastructure: aws, ec2, s3.

Why did we use these technologies

Mature Language:
PHP has been around for a long time and has a large community, making it easy to find solutions to common problems.
Built for Web:
PHP was specifically designed for web development and includes built-in features for handling HTML and HTTP.
PHP integrates well with various databases and web servers.

Elegant Syntax:
Laravel’s syntax is expressive and elegant, making it a joy to work with for many developers.
Robust Features:
Laravel comes with a lot of out-of-the-box features like routing, authentication, sessions, caching, and more.
Laravel has a rich ecosystem with hosting platforms, local development environments, and robust libraries.

UI Toolkit:
Flutter is a UI toolkit that allows developers to create natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.
Hot Reload:
Flutter’s hot reload helps you quickly and easily experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs.
Widget Library:
Flutter has a rich set of widgets and extensive capabilities for creating complex custom widgets.

Frequently Ask Question?

The Mi365 app is a ground-breaking coaching community hosted by Pete Cohen. It provides a daily intentions tracker which motivates you to get better every day.

Pete Cohen, a TV presenter, sports psychologist, speaker, and coach, is the founder of Mi365.

The Mi365 app allows you to set daily intentions, earn 'future-self' coins, connect with others on the app, take part in challenges, keep a daily journal, watch training, and write letters to your future self.

The Mi365 app rewards progress by allowing users to earn 'future-self' coins as they achieve their daily intentions.

The 'Start One Stop One' feature allows users to set daily intentions – habits to start and habits to stop. It helps users to track their progress and get rewarded for their success.

Yes, the Mi365 app allows you to build a community and work together to set powerful habits.

The Mi365 app provides training on habits and on creating your future self.

The daily journal in the Mi365 app allows you to keep a record of your progress and share it with others or just for your own records.

Yes, the Mi365 app allows you to write letters to your future self, for them to be delivered on the date you set.

The Mi365 app is free to try for the first 14 days.