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AppealMate provides appellate processing and printing services to attorneys and law firms that handle appeals.

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Technologies used:

Mongodb, PHP, Java, Selenium, Python, aws, ec2


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About This App

AppealMate is a revolutionary platform designed to streamline the appellate process for attorneys and law firms. It offers a comprehensive suite of services, including appellate processing and printing, all powered by proprietary technology and tools. These tools enable efficient completion of tasks associated with perfecting an appeal, from assembling the record to producing a final, ready-to-be-filed record and brief.

The key to AppealMate’s success is its use of technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs, without compromising on quality.

Here are some of the standout features of the AppealMate application:
Customised Dashboard: Users can access NYSCEF data in a customised dashboard, providing a user-friendly interface for managing and tracking appeals.
Email Automation: The platform allows for automated email communications with clients and prospects, saving time and ensuring consistent communication.
Lead Generation and Marketing: AppealMate helps generate leads and improve marketing efforts, providing a competitive edge in the legal market.
PDF Editing: Users can edit PDFs directly in the browser, eliminating the need for additional software.
Appeal Identification: The application can identify appeals in all cases, ensuring no opportunity is missed.In essence, AppealMate is a comprehensive, tech-driven solution for managing appeals, designed to save time, reduce costs, and improve the quality of appellate work. Whether you’re an attorney handling a single appeal or a law firm managing multiple appeals, AppealMate is designed to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Features of AppealMate
1.Customised Dashboard
Access to NYSCEF data
User-friendly interface for managing and tracking appeals

2.Email Automation
Automated email communications with clients and prospects
Consistent and timely communication

3.Lead Generation and Marketing
Tools for generating leads
Enhancements for marketing efforts

4.PDF Editing
Capability to edit PDFs directly in the browser
No need for additional software

5.Appeal Identification
Identifies appeals in all cases
Ensures no opportunity is missed

Technologies used:
Mongodb, PHP, Java, Selenium, Python, aws, ec2

Why did we use these technologies

MongoDB is a NoSQL database known for its high performance, high availability, and easy scalability.
It uses a document model which is more natural for developers to work with because documents are self-contained and can be treated as objects.
MongoDB supports sharding, the process of splitting larger datasets across multiple distributed instances.
It is well known for its horizontal scaling and load balancing capabilities.
MongoDB Atlas, the leading global cloud database service for modern applications, allows developers to deploy fully managed cloud databases across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

PHP is a popular server-side scripting language often used for creating dynamic web pages and applications.
It is known for its speed, simplicity, and compatibility with various web servers and databases.
PHP can handle forms, collect data, save it into the database, and return useful information to the user.
It supports several protocols such as HTTP, POP3, SNMP, LDAP, IMAP, and many more.
PHP is free to download and use.

Java is a high-level, object-oriented programming language.
It is platform-independent, meaning that Java code can be executed on multiple platforms.
Java is known for its security features.
It supports multithreading, which allows for the execution of multiple threads simultaneously.
Java can be easily integrated with other languages like C, C++, etc.

Selenium is an open-source automated testing framework used to validate web applications across different browsers and platforms.
It supports multiple programming languages like Java, Python, C#, Ruby, Perl, etc., for writing test scripts.
Selenium enables running test cases in parallel, reducing execution time and increasing its efficiency.
It provides methods to handle pop-ups and alerts that may appear during the execution of test cases.
Selenium can be integrated with various testing frameworks like TestNG providing additional testing capabilities and test organization features.

Python is a high-level, interpreted programming language that supports both object-oriented and procedural programming approaches.
It is easy to learn and its syntax is quite simple, clean, and easy to understand.
Python is a cross-platform language, meaning Python code can be executed on different operating systems.
It provides a vast range of libraries for various fields such as machine learning, web development, and scripting.
Python is freely available and open-source.

Frequently Ask Question?

AppealMate prepares the record and brief for filing with the court. This includes compiling and assembling the record, preparing the record and brief covers, preparing the tables of contents for the brief and record, preparing the table of authorities for the brief, preparing page headings for the record, bookmarking and hyperlinking the record and brief, assembling all cited cases and statutes, preparing the certification and statement pursuant to CPLR 2105 to CPLR 5531, printing and binding of the record and brief, filing and e-filing the record and brief, and ensuring that all court protocols and rules are complied with

AppealMate’s pricing is based on the size of the record. AppealMate prides itself on being transparent about its pricing. There are no hidden fees or confusing invoices

AppealMate has developed proprietary technology that allows it to establish a simplified pricing model based on the size of the record. With AppealMate’s use of technology, the appellate services it provides are not as labor-intensive as its competitor services, which are bogged down with legacy processes. As a result, AppealMate is cheaper than its competitors

AppealMate uses proprietary technology and tools to ensure the efficient completion of tasks associated with perfecting an appeal, from assembly of the record to producing a final ready-to-be-filed record and brief2. By using technology, AppealMate can charge less, without compromising on quality

AppealMate has developed proprietary technology and tools that allow for the efficient completion of tasks associated with perfecting an appeal2. This technology-driven approach allows AppealMate to provide high-quality services at a lower cost

Yes, AppealMate provides a Savings Calculator on their website. You can input the total number of pages of the record from your prior appeal and the amount charged by the appellate printer, and the calculator will tell you how much you or your client would have saved

Yes, AppealMate is deeply committed to social responsibility initiatives through environmental sustainability projects, community engagement, and diversity

AppealMate’s main office is located at 66 Split Rock Road, Syosset, New York 117911. They also have satellite offices in Albany, New York and Rochester, New York

You can contact AppealMate at (718) 249-2200 or info@appealmate.com

You can submit an appeal with AppealMate through their website